With more than 33 years of service in the United States military and current Chairman of America’s Future, General Michael Flynn’s military career culminated as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as the nation’s highest serving military intelligence officer.

After retiring from the Army in 2014 and as a private citizen, General Flynn went on to serve in a variety of business, educational, and non-profit roles, to include supporting veterans’ organizations around the country, something he continues to do today.

His public service included selection and service as a foreign policy advisor to several Republican U.S. presidential candidates (2016) and subsequent appointment and service as the National Security Advisor to the 45th President of the United States of America.

General Flynn is a National Bestselling Author, holds three master’s degrees, and is the recipient of numerous military, intelligence and law enforcement awards.

He is married with two sons and has several grandchildren.

Michael T. Flynn

US Army Retired

Memo to the Nation

America is going through a major transitional period. We are living in a meaningful time. Americans don’t despair, we wake and we rise. We commit to do even more for our loved ones, communities, houses of worship, school boards, town councils or county boards. This commitment also strengthens us. And it draws others to our side. And others will join the cause because it’s theirs, too.

Our nation faces a test of faith. Faith in God, faith in ourselves, faith in each other, faith in our families and friends and faith that our constitution will stand this test of time and adversity. Our founders envisioned this time of immense challenge and warned us about the rise of tyranny against our desire for freedom.

During this test, reflect back on the most important component of your life (for me it is my children and grandchildren)…and never forget that one thing more important than freedom is faith in God. All Americans should focus on the positive things in our lives and how we as a nation will rise above the dark shadows of evil and once again discover the light.

The hard times my family and I encountered these past several years have given me time and reason to reflect on our country and our cause. My thinking has been augmented, clarified and sharpened by my correspondence with tens of thousands of Americans, maybe by you. We have to and MUST return to our roots as a nation.

Michael T. Flynn

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Truth To Power

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There’s only one thing that’s more important than freedom, and that’s faith. They can take your freedom, but they can’t take your faith.


As we move forward together, we’ll promote and strengthen American families, who are the building blocks of our communities.

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Americans don’t despair, we wake and we rise. We commit to do even more for our loved ones, our communities, our houses of worship, our school boards, our town councils or county boards.


Freedom isn’t free and protecting what we love often requires us to fight for it. We inspire the rest of the world with our American freedoms.

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I fought for the freedom God gave us, the liberties guaranteed in our Constitution. The foundation of our freedom is the recognition that these rights are given to us by God, not granted by men.


The constitution is our legacy. A legacy handed down through the generations, binding parents and children, the living and the dead. It continues to inspire us to protect our freedom. And that’s why defending it is of the utmost importance.

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In the military, I served alongside many incredible patriots to protect our individual liberties, and we fought to defend and protect the freedom of future generations.

Local Action = National Impact

America’s Founding Fathers laid the foundation for citizen participation. They knew this beautiful experiment in democracy would only exist over generations if each citizen realized the importance of getting involved and taking action.

As Chair of the Board for America’s Future, Inc., I urge you to seek out ways in your community, county and state to serve this great nation. The fight for America is in the trenches at the local level.

Click the links below to America’s Future website to learn how you can get involved and be a champion for America.