The FLYNN Movie Tour – An Insider’s Perspective

The FLYNN Movie Tour – An Insider’s Perspective

By Wade Cutler

FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost, General Michael Flynn’s newest media endeavor, has taken the country by storm.  FLYNN is a biographical documentary, chronicling the honorable general’s military service, strong family network, and relentless political persecution at the hands of the United States Department of Justice.  The film has trended at #1 as an Amazon best-seller for weeks on end, outcompeting films like Dune and Oppenheimer and has trended on the popular social media platform, X, several times since its premiere screening in early April.  General Flynn has made several major media appearances promoting the film on shows featuring renowned journalists and media personalities such as Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, Brandon Tatum, and most recently, Chris Cuomo. 

            FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost is available for purchase and rent on several colossal streaming platforms like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and YouTube. Though the film is making an notable cultural impact through streaming and DVD sales alone, General Flynn has organized and exhaustive nationwide tour, electing to screen the movie in 35 cities across the nation in just 48 days.  The tour started April 5th in Venice, Florida, has traveled up the East coast, through the Midwest visiting cities like Nashville, Wichita, and Oklahoma City.  The general, along with his carefully selected team, has also been through several cities on the West coast, including: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Spokane. Being sure to cover down on as much of the country as possible in the short time frame, the team has also visited a number of states in the northern half of the country which include North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and most recently, New York. 

            Though FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost has seen great success since its release on streaming platforms, General Flynn and his team’s ubiquity across the continental United States has undeniably played a significant role in raising public awareness of the misconduct of the United States federal government and it’s arbitrary and pernicious application of the law.  The grassroots campaign has been joyfully received by patriots across the nation who stand against the Uniparty politics that dominate at the highest echelons of the federal bureaucracy and corporate media. 

            This article will touch upon a few key areas of the film tour effort that I believe are the main contributors to its resounding success.  Such areas include the tour’s personnel and work ethic, the selected panel members for each event, and General Flynn’s overall demeanor and disposition in meeting the Americans that attend the events.  Finally, as a young American, I will give my perspective of the tour and why patriots in this country have reason for optimism as it pertains the future of this country. 

            When discussing a nationwide tour that visits so many places in such a short span of time, one must understand that the days are long and time to rest is limited.  Most days, the team is works for a minimum of 16 hours – on the road to the next event site before 7am and doesn’t arrive to the hotel for the day until around 11pm later that night.  En route to each location, team members upload media to be pushed out on key platforms, coordinate travel logistics, and stay up-to-date on necessary administrative tasks.  On days without scheduled events, team members maintain the travel vehicles and keep their personal responsibilities in order in addition to the aforementioned action items.  In short – the schedule is exhausting and provides little recovery time.  As such, General Flynn has hand-selected a team that can withstand several days of the wake-work-sleep agenda and still effectively carry out their respective tasks, creating and maintaining a professional decorum and providing attendees with an informative and unforgettable experience.   

First on the roster is SGT Boone Cutler (ret.), an Iraq War veteran who has co-authored with General Flynn three installments of the Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare book series. Cutler MCs each event, making opening statements and introducing General Flynn in each city.  Cutler also coordinates the panel discussion and Q&A immediately following the screening of the film.  Cutler also serves as General Flynn’s chief of staff, strategizing the deployment of each team member and capitalizing on their expertise and capabilities. 

LTC Ivan Raiklin (ret.), a former Green Beret and constitutional attorney also plays a critical role in the educational aspect of the tour.  Preceding the screening of the film, Raiklin provides an in-depth synopsis of what is referred to as the “General Flynn was Framed Evidence Wall” – an exhaustive timeline and link analysis of all major political and government officials at the most senior levels that weaponized against General Flynn to prevent him from exposing their corruption. A variety of Uniparty actors are named by Raiklin, including ex-FBI Director James Comey, former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, former White House Chief of Staff for the Trump Administration, Reince Priebus, and former Vice President, Mike Pence. Raiklin documents the personal vendettas and incestuous relationships within Washington D.C. that led to the framing of General Flynn.                       

Working the media side of the tour is Latinos for Trump president and founder of Latinos for America First, Bianca Gracia.  Gracia, having worked previously as the Hispanic Engagement Director for the Republican Party of Texas, is chiefly responsible for media coverage of each event on the tour route.  Interviewing attendees before and after seeing the film, she’s able to assess how FLYNN is being received by viewers that show up to live screenings.  From Florida, to California, to New York, the film has received unanimous positive reviews from attendees of the in-person events. 

These team members have played a decisive role in the tour’s national impact.  A slew of other team members handling additional media roles, security, and logistics are also responsible for the ongoing success.  Though responsibilities are delegated amongst the team, each person uses any spare moment to aid another teammate in their duties, allowing for a thorough and complete execution of each event.  The documentary itself chronologically lays out the story of the persecution of the Flynn family, but it is the tour and its members that have transformed an informative film, into a national education campaign. 

Following each showing of the documentary is a panel discussion with General Flynn, Ivan Raiklin, and Michael Flynn Jr., General Flynn’s eldest son who plays a major part in the film.  General Flynn has also extended cordial invitations to several key leaders and America First influencers along the route.  At the tour’s premier in Venice, Florida, political icon, Roger Stone could be seen in attendance along with Jesse Binnall, who served as General Flynn’s legal counsel alongside Sidney Powell during the persecution of the Flynn family.  Independent journalist and online influencer Mindy Robinson joined the panel discussion at the screen of FLYNN in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The film’s producer, Scott Wiper, has also participated in several of the panel discussions in many different states.  Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate, Mac Warner, also found himself on stage in his home state of West Virginia in Fairmont and Charleston. 

After the end of each event in its entirety, General Flynn can be found signing books, shaking hands, and taking photos with everyone who sticks around after the show.  He takes the time to meet with every. Single. Person. There is not a single event that has been held where General Flynn has not been the last person to leave the building.  It’s a behavior seldom seen with senior officers, but is commonplace for the three-star general.  General Flynn’s humility and down-to-earth demeanor are what make him so attractive as a public figure – and attendees of the live screenings are always sure to make that point known.  One could attribute this attitude to the general’s love of God, family, and humanity, as his supporters and critics are met equally with respect and grace in each city.  General Flynn’s character is on full display on this tour, standing on the truth and hiding behind nothing – as he has nothing to hide.  He believes this country to be graced by God and will fight to the bitter end to preserve it. 

Having traveled with this team and participated in this tour, I believe there is room for great optimism as it pertains to the future of America.  Americans are fighting an uphill battle against an ever-encroaching bureaucratic monster, but they’re better for the fight. Just as General Flynn was not deterred in defending himself against the Uniparty and a two-tiered justice system, the American people are not and will not be deterred – as the spirit of 1776 lives on and rages within the soul of millions across this nation.  The generation that is able to harken back to time of American exceptionalism must be responsible for passing on to young people the traditions and values that make this country the best in the world.  The buck stops with the United States.  It must be the place where the marketplace of ideas thrives and where the People’s voice is represented within the corridors of power.  If one man alone – General Flynn – is able to stand up to the most powerful governmental machine the world has ever seen, the effects of a motivated majority of patriot Americans will be monumental.

Wade Cutler Bio: 

Wade Cutler is graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno. He obtained his B.A. in Political Science and B.A. in Spanish in December of 2021. Wade has been the principal logistics coordinator for the FLYNN movie tour that will have traveled to 35 cities in 48 days. He also manages the affiliate marketing for FLYNN movie and General Flynn and Boone Cutler’s book series “The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.” Wade will be pursuing an MBA from Liberty University starting in the Fall of 2024.

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