A Journey of Truth and Prayer

A Journey of Truth and Prayer

A Letter to America, Submitted by Marc Mattarochia

My journey of truth and prayer began toward the end of Obama’s second term when I realized his administration aimed to stoke division and protect domestic and international criminals all while degrading traditional values that I hold dear to me. 

While I’m embarrassed to admit I had never previously voted, Donald Trump’s message immediately struck a cord with me, fulfilling a need and desire for our country to reclaim its traditional values that make it so great. My mother, a retired teacher and former Democrat surprisingly was just as passionate, and while I resumed my life after celebrating President Trump’s victory in 2016, my mother steadily encouraged me to look further into the corruption being exposed in our country and throughout the world. She introduced me to several citizen journalists, and my eyes were opened shortly thereafter regarding the depth and level of corruption President Trump was fighting.

I entered one rabbit role after another, and the strong foundation of faith and spirit that had been fostered by my upbringing, was rekindled to a level I had never experienced in my lifetime, certainly as an adult. Gradually my despair and outrage was replaced with a closer connection to my faith than I had ever imagined. My life has been changed forever. My wife and children followed and awoke to the evil and corruption over a year later, of which I am most thankful. While my awakening began several years ago, I have witnessed many transformations from friends, colleagues, and family over the ensuing years. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it, and the awakening only goes one direction.

At times, I feel alone, and at times I find myself sad or angry at the injustices our generation is facing, sometimes with the disbelief that we are living in such times. I’m grateful for a beautiful life but also feel guilty while so many suffer needlessly or through no fault of their own.

Prayer gives me peace.

I pray for truth and justice in our country and throughout the world; that those guilty of treason and sedition in the United States and those guilty of crimes against humanity and crimes against children worldwide face justice. I pray for children who have been trafficked and died to rest in peace as children of God forever and to watch over children being trafficked, indoctrinated or groomed, to be free from the evil control and influence. In the meantime, I pray for those who have died or been injured because of medical corruption, that their families might have to courage to speak the truth and bring about change. I pray for those being persecuted for standing for truth and justice, especially our J6 prisoners, that they may be reunited with their families ASAP, and that the real truth be revealed. I pray for those fighting behind the scenes, or in the public eye, especially Donald J Trump, and for all of those fighting in common purpose of good to prevail over evil. I pray for leaders in the Catholic Church like Archbishop Carlo Vigano to lead us to the removal of corruption in the Church concurrently with the USA. And I pray for the souls of those who have chosen the ways of Satan, knowingly or unknowingly, to repent and be saved, that their repentance might bring about a victory for goodness over evil, truth over lies, and justice over injustice.

For those like me, who have struggled emotionally or mentally, for relationships and families that have been torn apart from devious lies, that we might be healed by the light of truth and forgiveness to heal this country, The Church, and subsequently the rest of the world to years of peace and prosperity giving thanks to the Lord our God and The Holy Mother Mary for their gifts of peace, freedom, health, and love.


Marc Mattarochia


Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words of advice with our audience. The strength of our faith, like the strong binding of a book, hold us together in the eyes of God. We have to keep the faith, continue to stand strong in this wave of uncertainty washing over America and never forget that standing united, we are an unbreakable chain of patriotism that is unbeatable.

General Mike Flynn

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Petition to Impeach Joe Biden

Dear Patriot:

The Biden Family knows no shame.  While the Chinese Communist Party steals our trade secrets, spies on Americans and hacks into our Military, the Biden Family partners with them shoving millions of dollars into their own pockets.

No America-hating communist is unsuitable in the Biden Family corruption enterprise.  The Biden Family has used over 20 shell companies to hide their dirty money from their communist friends.  Over $20 Million dollars has been stuffed into the Biden Family coffers.

Joe Biden lied about his family’s activities and about the intricate role he played.

“10 Percent to the Big Guy”

The House of Representatives has begun the Impeachment Process as laid out in our Constitution.  It is critical that we let them know the American people stand with them and demand justice.

Please fill out the form below and add your name.  

Please also consider forwarding this email to your friends and family and ask them to stand with us as well.

America is worth fighting for! Local Action = National Impact

Michael T. Flynn, LTG, USA (Retired)

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