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Purchasing precious metals from Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange is now easier than ever and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We offer gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Just fill out the form below and one of our Account Executive will discuss your goals, preferences and a comfortable amount for you to purchase with.


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Buying gold, silver, and precious metals is easy to do with Beverly Hills Precious Metals


Beverly Hills Precious Metals provides a massive variety of gold, silver and other precious metals to purchase.



Your payments with us are always secure and safe.


At Beverly Hills Precious Metals you can confidentially ship your purchases to the location of your choice. 

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Are You Looking to Have Gold, Silver and other precious metals delivered directly to your home?

Purchasing precious metals has the opportunity of providing you with the confidence that you know you own tangible assets that can’t be devalued or erased from existence with the simple click of a button.

Andrew Sorchini and his team have been in the business of buying, selling and delivering precious metals to the homes of our clients for the past 30 years. All the gold, silver and precious metals that we send to your home are shipped anonymously and are 100% fully insured. Before we box up and ship you your order, we invest the time needed to quality control check your order and to verify the accuracy of what we are sending you. Because we have a 30 year history and we 100% fully insure all shipments you can have peace of mind when you purchase precious metals from Beverly Hills Precious Metals.



They are knowledgeable and extremely insightful. They made sure I understood every aspect of buying Gold and it’s benefits. Customer service is always their priority!

— Nancy Hopman


I am very impressed with Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange, I’ve learned so much about investing in Gold and Silver. They have been most patient with my questions and concerns.

— Victor Feria


I had a great experience with Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange. Everything was handled smoothly and on point. Highly recommended!

— Terry Andrews


Highly professional and accomodating staff. I couldn’t be happier and proud to be a client!

— Chris W

How To Buy Gold & Silver

Most frequent asked questions and answers

Purchasing precious metals is now easier than ever and can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We offer gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Just give us a call and an Account Executive will discuss your goals, preferences and a comfortable amount for you to purchase with. At that time, they can propose a portfolio which will determine the types of coins that fit your objectives. All that we ask is that you understand that the Account Executive is not a financial advisor. They will simply ask a few questions and point you to the type of numismatic or bullion that might be right for you.

Absolutely! It will involve a qualified third party such as a bank to actually hold the coins in a separate IRA account in your name. We are happy to walk you through the paperwork and, if applicable, contact your current IRA institution to expedite processing.

There are typically three types of physical gold you can invest in:

  1. Gold Bullion: Any gold that continues to be minted to this day and has no rarity to it. The price is based purely on the gold content.
  2. Rare Gold: Any gold coin that is no longer be minted or that is still minted but in low supply. Also known as numismatic or certified gold.
  3. Proof Gold: Coins specially struck for collectors and special occasions and are not meant for circulation. Proof does not indicate a grade, but rather a designation for coins that have been struck, usually as preproduction samples.

Absolutely. Gold and silver are liquid and universally accepted in just about every major city in the world. We believe that gold and silver provide one with protection by the form of divisibility and control over divisibility.

All orders placed, no matter how large or small, have a grace period of 48 hours to fund the account. Any orders not funded within 48 hours are subject to a re-adjustment in the price based on the spot price of precious metals. There are exceptions to the 48 hour grace period, so please contact your Account Executive if you fail to meet the desired time period.

We offer two payment methods you can use to fund your purchase: bank wire (most common) and check. Please let your Account Executive know if you wish to fund via bank wire so they can notify our financial department of the transaction. (Ask your Account Executive about qualifying orders that waives wire fees). We accept major credit cards as a third payment option, but for only orders up to $5000 USD.

DISCLAIMER: The information and data presented here are from sources believed to be reliable. Every effort has been made to check for accuracy; however, we cannot guarantee the reliability of facts, figures, or information presented on this site. General Flynn, Resilient Patriot, LLC  and BHPME, Inc. are not financial advisors and cannot guarantee that past performance can and will guarantee future results. Please conduct your own due diligence before making every purchase.

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