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The Journey Has Just Begun
A new America is on the horizon, and we must take an active role in its formation....
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General Flynn on National Security Update And How Close Are We To World War III?
General Flynn, and Brannon Howse discuss the realities that America faces today heading into the holiday...
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General Flynn speaks with Mary Graner
General Flynn and Mary Graner discussion in Kansas City at the Determined Patriotism Conference.
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General Mike Flynn | The First Victim of The Modern American Uniparty?
In this episode of the Kathy Barnette Show, Kathy sits down with General Michael Flynn, former National...
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General Flynn Speaks with Clay Clark
What’s wrong with that? Is another Pandemic on the horizon? China buying oil from Saudi Arabia;...
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A Thanksgiving Letter from General Flynn
With Thanksgiving falling right in the middle of this busy holiday season, it’s easy to get caught...
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11 Urgent Updates + The FINAL LAP to SAVE AMERICA!!!
General Flynn | 11 Urgent Updates + The FINAL LAP to SAVE AMERICA!!! China’s Gold Holdings 10X More Than...
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Gen. Flynn: BIDEN IS MORE CORRUPT THAN WE THOUGHT! Stephen Gardner interviews General Michael Flynn. General...
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World Powers
When I speak of globalists, I am usually speaking of a small group of unelected leaders guiding organizations...
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