Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare

By Michael T. Flynn, LTG, U.S. Army, (Retired)

Boone Cutler, SGT, U.S. Army, (Retired)

US Army Sergeant Boone Cutler and I decided to write a series on “Fifth Generation Warfare” and Session I, The Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW) became an instant bestseller. We were obviously pleasantly surprised but what we learned was there was a hunger coming from principally American citizens to better understand what it was that was happening around us. 5GW is a form of warfare that has components of psychological operations, intelligence and information operations, deception, out and out lies, and a manipulation of the cultural and political narratives to shape the behavior of everyday citizens.  We wanted to get people something they could use to fight back. 


As we watched the responses and held many discussions with readers over the early months after the 5GW book came out, we decided to write Session II, The Citizens Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare, How to Fight AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI is exploding on the scene globally and doing so in ways that most Americans aren’t prepared for nor truly understand. AI comes in a variety of different flavors and packaging to hide the realities of the impact it is having on our behavior and more precisely on the behavior of our youth.


In this article, we want to offer a perspective of what it is we are facing given the impacts that AI can cause on today and tomorrow’s culture. We also want to provide remedies and ideas from our perspective, our training and experiences, as well as the expertise that we have as Soldiers as to how regular citizens can operate in the environments of 5GW and AI.


The modern battlefield is as much about control of our minds as it is about control of our physical lives. When you hear the term, multi-domain warfare, it connotes all the capabilities and conditions that comes with war itself. And in warfare, nothing is fair. So prepare yourselves for a journey into something that has already affected your lives, the lives of your children and the lives of everything surrounding us. AI is that impactful.


In Session II of The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare, the appeal to all humanity lies in the revelation of the ongoing battle against the societal psychological programming super-structure of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The content of this session is designed to be easily understood by the average person, emphasizing the importance of protecting individual freedoms and national sovereignty.


The focus is on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is depicted as the largest aggregator of information worldwide. The CCP utilizes datasets collected through various surveillance methods and employs AI-driven strategies, derived from the ancient game of “Go,” to reshape the world and gain control. The data collected is used to manipulate and control people, making AI a powerful weapon in the CCP’s quest for global dominance.


The session delves into the technologies used, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL), which governments utilize for psychological programming and influencing opinions and actions. It raises concerns about data privacy and the absolute, non-transparent misuse of AI to suppress dissent, manipulate public opinion, and control political narratives. 


The Guide urges readers to fight back against this manipulation by understanding the tactics used and learning how to protect themselves from psychological programming. It emphasizes the need for legislation to prevent the current weaponization of AI and the promotion of transparency from entities like big tech, NGOs, and institutions linked to the CCP. 


The Guide highlights historical examples of psychological programming by governments, such as the manipulation of public opinion during the Cold War and the more recent use of AI to spread disinformation. It warns that AI and AI-driven IoB (Internet of Bodies) technologies could further erode personal privacy and individual freedoms if left unchecked.


The appeal to humanity lies in the call to protect individual rights, national sovereignty, and free speech. The session portrays the fight against AI-driven psychological programming as crucial for safeguarding humanity’s future from the control of authoritarian regimes like the CCP. It stresses that it is up to individuals to demand transparency, ethical standards, and accountability to prevent the misuse of AI for political gains. The session concludes with a stark warning that failure to act against the growing threat of AI-controlled manipulation could result in the enslavement of humanity under a totalitarian regime.


Session 2 Is Now Available!

The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare, How to Fight Artificial Intelligence

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