Be Strong in What America Still Stands For, Freedom & Independence


While the motives of some globalists may appear well meaning, there is great cause for serious misgivings over the objectives of this “new world order WEF crowd” and rightly so.

The terms “New World Order” or “Great Reset” may have a nice ring to them, but they are anything but soft, esoteric sayings. Instead, they should be a warning to everyone who loves freedom and independence.

Trust, there are many caveats, some known, however most are hidden due to their dark, grotesque purposes.

World history and our own US history of hard fought experiences tells us that instead of entrusting our foreign policy to a United Nations dominated by enemies of freedom, we should MAINTAIN and STRENGTHEN the traditional “ordained” values and principles outlined in our US Constitution that have made our fiercely independent nation the true North Star for oppressed freedom loving people everywhere.

However, we must take care to assure that our land, our people — the USofA — is ready and fit in its own right. Today, our nation is anything but ready and fit due to the current set of leaders running our government (top to bottom).

We are being inundated with so many failures of those who push the notion of a great reset. Don’t kid yourselves, this is not a conspiracy theory.

Out of these troubled times we face as both a nation and as a world, there will be even greater calls now for a “new world order.” Cries will go out from places like the UN (and the halls of the EU) to uphold international law — by force if necessary.

Lastly, while wars appear to be the norm throughout human history and peace seems to be the aberration, America still remains the last redoubt of freedom.

As difficult as it is, don’t allow yourselves to be distracted by the events surrounding our everyday lives. Embrace your faith, embrace your families, embrace your responsibilities as free American citizens (born on our soil or those legally immigrated)…local action still matters.

In what feels like foreign war-weary and domestically severe times, those leaders we select through free and fair elections should fiercely defend our God-given independence against anyone who challenges our sovereignty, our tranquility and our freedoms. This is what America First means to me, this is what being a free (and legal) citizen of these United States means, this is what I expect from those who are privileged to lead our country.

Those privileged few should place first and foremost in their hearts and minds the importance of a free and sovereign United States of America.

God Bless America

This is why we must: “GUARD THE VOTE!”

If there were concerned citizen guards at those ballot boxes during the period of voting (as sad as that sounds, that’s where we are with the lack of fairness and the vast cheating that goes on in our elections), this type of criminal behavior may not have occurred. And these are “democrats” cheating against “democrats”. @GenFlynn

Footage showed Wanda Geter-Pataky, vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city, and Eneida Martinez, a former City Council member stuffing ballot dropboxes.@BennyJohnson

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