Does America Have “Secret Kingmakers”?

General Flynn

Over the decades, many things have been written to expose secret societies comprised of elites who sit atop our government, many who came out of Ivy League colleges and universities. These are mostly unelected individuals (although some elected), but all very powerful in their own right. The elites of today are found in places like the World Economic Forum, the Council of Foreign Relations, some in the halls of Congress, many in the corporatocracy surrounding capitols like Washington D.C., as well as those in this modern era of tech titans who control information and data (therefore our lives) in ways unforeseen from previous times.


From this, several more questions naturally arise: Could it be possible that a little clique of powerful people meet secretly and plan events that appear to, just happen? Who are these secret kingmakers who manipulate and control U.S. elections and the two-party system we have in American politics? If they exist, how long have they existed, what kinds of actions have they gotten involved with? Who are the people they choose to get behind? What is their motive for exercising such control, even when it means the defeat of the Party they profess to serve? These are questions that need answers.


Any rational citizen believes in the principle of causality, that for every effect there must be a cause. Most of what is ascribed to “accident” or “coincidence” is, in actuality, the result of human plans. When there is an airplane accident, the authorities diligently search for the series of events that led to the crash — and usually the cause is found. In modern day U.S. politics, when there are serious allegations of fraud, we find ourselves in courtrooms struggling to be able to conduct simple audits to determine if an election outcome was fair or not. Why and how long has this been on-going? How long have there been “kingmakers” in U.S. politics?


There continues to be growing evidence that very powerful people do indeed meet to make plans which are kept secret from American citizens. The following article* takes the reader back to the late 1950’s to a place called Sea Island, Georgia. A secret meeting was held at nearby St. Simon’s Island at a place called the King and Prince Hotel. The meeting dates were, February 14-18, 1957.


The most elaborate precautions were taken to prevent Americans from knowing who attended this secret meeting or what transpired there. Advance agents came four months ahead to check security and search every room in the hotel. All hotel employees were given the most rigid security check and their names sent to Washington for additional investigation. During the four days and five nights of the meeting, all roads leading to the hotel were blocked off and the roadblock maintained by the Georgia State Police. The hotel was closed to all other patrons. NATO and FBI guards in plain clothes kept constant surveillance on the hotel itself.


None of the hotel employees were permitted to go into the ballroom where the meetings were held. At the end of each session, one of the participants personally gathered up all notes and memos used during the meeting and burned them.


Who were the participants at this secret meeting at St. Simon’s Island? They were many of the top-level kingmakers who exercised financial, political and propaganda control over American citizens and policies. The 69 participants on the official unpublished list included the following:


George W. Ball, the Undersecretary of State in the Johnson Administration, Eugene R. Black, then President of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, McGeorge Bundy, the top presidential adviser on security in the Johnson Administration, Arthur H. Dean, disarmament negotiator for the State Department under Republican and Democrat administrations, Thomas E. Dewey, twice Republican presidential candidate, J. William Fulbright, Senator from Arkansas, later author of the Fulbright Memorandum, a directive to muzzle our military, who only a few years later (March, 1964) called for the United States to “accept Red Cuba”, Paul G. Hoffman, former U.S. Chief of all foreign aid, C. D. Jackson, vice president of TIME, Inc., Per Jacobsen, Managing Director, World Monetary Fund, George F. Kennan, Ambassador to the Soviet Union, and later chief advisor on Communism to the Kennedy Administration, Ralph E. McGill, Editor, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Paul H. Nitze, later Secretary of the Navy in the Johnson Administration, David Rockefeller, then president of the Chase Manhattan Bank, Dean Rusk, then Secretary of State, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, president and publisher of the NEW YORK TIMES, Alexander Wiley, Republican Senator from Wisconsin and senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


President Eisenhower was at the Augusta National Golf Club during this meeting. Tom Dewey kept in touch with him from the telephone in the bar at the King and Prince Hotel. Other kingmakers who kept in touch with the meeting and who may have been present part of the time include Nelson Rockefeller, Harold Stassen, Thomas S. Lamont, Dean Acheson, Gardner Cowles, Winthrop Aldrich and Walter Lippmann.


The participants at the St. Simon’s meeting were some of the biggest names in American politics, business, and the press. As described by an eye-witness observer of that meeting, “Those who came were not the heads of states, but those who give orders to heads of states,” — in other words, the kingmakers.


As you let this sink in for a moment, try to fast forward to modern times and answer the question—does America have a secret set of “KINGMAKERS?”


I believe the answer to that question is yes. Who are they, what is their purpose, and why would a group of elitists want to destroy the American way of life by turning the United States away from the very founding principles it was built upon as well as the strength of our U.S. Constitution?


We are now witnessing organizations such as the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, with globalist leaders such as, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, among many others who seem to express a desire for a new world order run under the false guise of globalism professing climate change as the end all be all. All these people and many others now meet publicly in places like Davos, Switzerland and in many other countries to make decisions about how nation-state governments should operate. They discuss and decree “laws” that sovereign nations and free people should adhere to, how people are supposed to live, what they’re supposed to eat and how often they can travel. A major shift we will soon see by these kingmakers is a shift to a central bank digital currency. This global economic shift is one of the more significant methods these kingmakers plan to use to gain greater control over nations as well as billions of people around the planet.


These people already possess great wealth and power, at least in their own spheres of influence. Thus, it drives the question, “don’t they have enough?” The short answer is, NO, and the simple reason is they want more! One of the things I’ve learned in my many years of researching, studying, fighting, and observing others is the sobering reality that evil exists all around us. One of the key things that we as Americans must do to reclaim our republic as a Judeo-Christian nation is to return to the truth, and the truth is that we are a sovereign nation because others before us have sacrificed a great deal. Yes, these elites exist, and it is obvious they have been around for decades. But that doesn’t mean today, we must allow them to control our destiny, America’s destiny.


We as individuals must decide our own destiny. We must determine what direction our lives will take, and which ideas are best, and then we must stand up, step up, and speak up for those ideas. Ideas that promote our families, our faith, our communities and our country in ways that allow freedom to flourish and all of us to achieve whatever we are willing to work toward.


America is great because of American citizens who wake up every day and go to work, take care of their families and are willing to get involved as citizens. We need more of that and less of this elite class who live in a bubble and believe they know what the rest of us want, they do not! We own this country, and not some powerful and power-hungry group of globalists. Is it not time to stand up and speak out for our country, the greatest country on the planet and in the history of the world? I believe it is time. A well-known Jewish Rabbi, Hillel was credited with saying; there are three great questions each individual should ask him or herself. And in my judgement, it matters not if you are Jewish or of another suasion—as long as you believe in the values in our founding documents. These questions are important to reflect on and consider as we each determine what course will be our destiny. As we consider these, do so from a position of self-respect for oneself and for others.


They are, if I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, who am I? And finally, if not now, when? I believe the time has come to seriously reflect on these and on how each of us, as citizens, takes responsibility for our lives, our families, our communities, and our country. May God continue to bless and protect America!

*Excerpts of this article are taken from the book by Phyllis Schlafly, A Choice Not an Echo.

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