Faith & Freedom: Gen. Flynn, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Erick Robertson, & Bobby Spagnuolo

Join me and my amazing guests as we dive deep into topics that keep you informed and prepared for the days ahead. General Michael Flynn highlights the demand for courageous leaders and deep-rooted corruption in the government. Dr. Naomi Wolf discusses the vaccine’s detrimental and deadly impacts on women and children. Erick Robertson shares his 9/11 experience and shares his mission to bring the 9/11 memorial to all Americans. Lastly, Bobby Spagnuolo from EMP Shield highlights preparedness and offers information on protecting your family from EMPs.

[1:11] Shemane welcomes former National Security Advisor to President Trump, General Michael Flynn to discuss the great awakening, the demand for courageous and accountable leaders, the deep level of corruption in the weaponized government and where it started, how you can participate and make a change.

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