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America stands at a crossroads and the direction we take in this upcoming year will decide the future of our children and their freedoms. We must take the time to understand who our adversaries are, and why they are fighting like hell to rip apart the United States.

I’m sharing my story of corrupt government persecution because I was not the only target of Crossfire Razor. Corruption has infiltrated our public institutions, and every citizen has become subject to unjust and unconstitutional attacks. As the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States, our enemy knew that many of their actions beginning in 2016, would have been hindered or terminated if I had not been politically assassinated.


FLYNN, Deliver the Truth – Whatever the Cost, examines the agencies and bureaucratic elites that felt threatened by my 33 years of military leadership and national intelligence expertise. We dive into my history of war, and then uncover the ways my family and I fought back.


We’re preparing to depart on a national tour to tell the truth about this dark stain on American history, and to inspire citizens to reclaim the republic. We’re doing everything we can to deliver the truth, whatever the cost, as are many of you.

Visit to sign up for updates on the FLYNN movie release and our tour across the county. If you can’t visit a tour location, you can order the DVD NOW  – it’s available on Amazon, Walmart and Target. The FLYNN DVD has already reached NUMBER ONE on Amazon with just presales alone!

I have been preparing for over three years now to ensure I was able to bring together the right people to tell my story and given the challenges facing America, this is the right moment for this story to be told.

You can also join my team to share the truth and become a FLYNN movie affiliate to receive 20% of your sales from It will be crucial in the upcoming months to activate our communities and move forward together. 

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you, and hopefully offer encouragement for the turbulent months ahead. The time to stand strong for our faith, family, freedom, and country is now.

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