Freedom, Faith & Family

July, the Month of the Family

The destiny of America is going to be determined by whatever path you choose to walk down right now! If you choose to do nothing, then you should accept that nothing will happen. If you choose to stand up, step up, and speak up, then you are changing not only your personal destiny, but also the destiny of America.  

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Freedom, Faith and Family

A Goal for Each Child Should be a Strong Family Unit as They Become Adults

A society relies on strong families to grow, love, and defend. The importance of the family unit in Western Culture has a long history and it is part of our social identity. Strong families and the bonds that connect them hold our nation together. They should be revered, and their significance passed onto future generations. This is why I, as an American citizen, am designating July as the month of the family. Let’s start posting pictures online of proud family moments and celebrations.    

July is a great time to celebrate American families and traditions. When you think of the upcoming celebration on July 4th, what images first come to mind? Children with sparklers, moms wearing red/white/blue, fathers preparing a BBQ? Break out the tent to go camping, plan a bike ride, a picnic or even a game night or a day at the beach or community pool. Do something this month as a family. Do what you can to keep the American dream alive and strong with those closest to you.  

When I celebrate our Independence Day, I think of and pray for all those who sacrificed their lives for our nation from its very beginning. That said, let’s emphasize the beauty in a woman becoming a mother, a man becoming a father, and a new life coming into the world. We leave our individual identities behind and embark on a journey as a family unit. Together, families can prevail over moments of weakness and help mend broken hearts. When children are part of a loving family that teaches discipline and family values, they learn right from wrong and become ingrained with strong values.    

We may stray from our family and not speak to them for years at a time. We may feel that we have nothing in common with them and run from our roots. However, our past often holds the key to our future in one way or another. In my family, my father used to say, “the older I get, the smarter my father becomes.” Ain’t that the truth!

A family’s influence on young children can last a lifetime in so many ways. In their early years, a child forms a strong bond with their parents which shapes the way they view themselves and others.  As we move through our lives, there are few things that are more cherished than a strong family unit.    

The idea of a mother, father and child (children) as a core unit in society is not up for debate. Societal norms may in fact change. Bell bottoms and tie dye shirts may be outdated, but a strong nuclear family unit must survive. In fact, it is required for the survival of any functioning society. Any authoritative power destroying the family unit does not care about the interests of a free and fair society.   

It’s impossible to deny that your family is your top priority. Humanity can only move forward with a healthy respect for the family, and that will continue regardless of how hard the mainstream media, the woke corporate world, and our current White House pushes their ridiculous narratives.  

The lack of strong, loving families can lead to the downfall of modern society in so many ways. A child can lose their identity to confusion without the influence of strong and guiding parents as role models. Children need to learn how to solve daily problems, delegate responsibilities, and support one another in easy and difficult times.

We are America and we are proud for a reason. Freedom, faith and family are treasures worth standing up for. Don’t wait until it’s too late, our traditional way of life is worth standing up for and this battle against strong family norms and traditions must be won. A strong family unit is the foundation of any healthy, functioning society. 

Again, as a citizen of the United States I declare July as the month of the family! Who’s with me?

Michael T. Flynn




Local Action = National Impact

America’s Founding Fathers laid the foundation for citizen participation. They knew this beautiful experiment in democracy would only exist over generations if each citizen realized the importance of getting involved and taking action.

As Chair of the Board for America’s Future, Inc., I urge you to seek out ways in your community, county and state to serve this great nation. The fight for America is in the trenches at the local level.

Click the links below to America’s Future website to learn how you can get involved and be a champion for America.

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