July | Month of the Family

July Month Of Family

As we move into July, let’s celebrate our families. I am consistently asked what can be done to save America and her freedoms. This week I decided to let mothers answer that question.    

I use my voice as best I can with the platform I’ve been given and that is all that any of us can do. Over recent years, I’ve watched the terrain of warfare change. Fifth-generation warfare has abruptly thrown open the doors for mothers, fathers, and even children to get involved in this battle for their country.    

I have no doubt, that mothers will play a major role in the redemption and resurrection of the United States of America. Our schools and children’s minds are under attack…enter mothers.  

When their children are pushed, moms will resolutely push back. I’ve watched women stand up in front of large tough audiences with unwavering strength and stamina.    

Below are a few Letters to America, submitted by moms on a mission.

I was at the grocery store with my two young children and couldn’t help but notice an older woman staring at us, watching my kids tease one another and then sending me a smile. She leaned towards me and told me to, “remember that these times are precious”.    

I took a moment to look at my children, and embrace that moment with them, storing a  memory that I could recall after they were grown. I paused everything, to appreciate how amazing it can feel to be a mom, and experience boundless love.    

After returning home I took a few minutes to get the groceries put away and warm up a few hot dogs. I wanted to take time to cook a nice homemade dinner, but I had things to do. I had to prepare a speech for the next school board meeting, text reminders for an upcoming Republican event, and finish a flyer to promote a new Patriot podcast.    

I left my two children to eat dinner together. As I headed back to my computer, and an overwhelming feeling of despair swept over me. All I wanted to do was sit and eat dinner with my kiddos. I turned back to them, kissed them on the cheek and told them I loved them, and then went back to my computer.  

It took a moment for my head to remind my heart that the most important thing I could do for my kids, is to fight for their future freedoms. Their freedom to love and follow their God. Their inalienable right to speak their opinions without a fear of prosecution. Their God given right to protect themselves.  

I may not have enlisted to serve our country, but the day I became a mother, I actually did become a soldier, I just didn’t know it at the time. There isn’t much that a mother wouldn’t do for her family, and I believe that is why at every school board, county commissioner, or hospital board meeting, I encounter a sea of women, of mothers, of soldiers. 

As a mother raising kids in the fog of war, I remind myself why I do what I do everyday. I make sure my kids understand why they don’t get as much attention as they did 3 years ago. And most importantly,  I explain the consequences they will have to bear if I don’t stand up.  They will never ask me why I let America fall. Moms will hold the line.  

-Christy Lea
Sarasota Florida

As a family of four, our lives have always seemed like a small bubble that consisted of dance recitals, golf tournaments and family movie nights. Politics is not something that any of us spent much time thinking about, but when it feels like everything you hold dear is coming under attack…what does a mom do?  

I think conservatives and Christians in general try to mind their own business, just as I did, and want to think of politics and political issues as a far-off island that we do not want to visit. 2020 awakened many of us to a bureaucratic system that was no longer satisfied with allowing us to stay disengaged. When I saw the attack occurring in the battle ground of our schools, our children’s minds and the attack on innocence, staying quiet was simply not an option anymore.    

Watching unelected medical bureaucracies determine the course of treatment for our loved ones was another nonstarter for me. Saying goodbye to my dad, via facetime, all while not being allowed to have any input in his treatment and care was the last straw. Knowing his death certificate should read ‘death by financial incentives’ motivated me to realize I needed to occupy the very territory that the enemy was fighting me for, our freedom.    

That territory started for me with my home, keeping my adult children held in my prayers, and submitting to do the same for my husband. Family is the enemy’s number one target. From there I began to speak out at the local school board and hospital board meetings, and I have to admit, it was very healing to move from a mindset of grief to a mindset of action.    

Attending local Republican club meetings and joining our local Republican Executive Committee allowed me to see firsthand that sometimes our biggest battle is from within our own party. I could clearly see that our family was not the only one who had suffered by lockdowns, mandates and out of control government spending. That means this fight is not just for my four, but for families across the state.   

It did not take long for me to come to the realization that the state level was where I needed to take my fight to. Not being a politician, I see our political landscape differently. I cannot just leave the fighting for someone else to do. What do moms do? We spring into action!    

I think it is exciting to take the battle from the prayer room, to the living room of our family, to the campaign trail and ultimately to the state capitol. In many ways I feel like I didn’t ask for these battles we see ourselves engaged in, However, if that battle line comes through my liberty and the future of my children, then engaging in the battle is the only answer.    

Michelle Pozzie  
Fighting For Florida Families  

Dear General Flynn,  

I read your email asking for patriot stories and felt compelled to take action to write. That, sir, is the point. I was someone who always stood back and never acted. I was never interested in the whole politics garbage.  

I am 60 years old, mom of three grown great kids. All of whom I hope I raised with a good moral compass. I was a hair stylist for 35 years and switched careers to become a Holistic Health Coach. Along the journey I learned about factory farming, big pharma, and natures healing. Finding myself in a whole new world and a new tribe of friends.   

Moving back to my home state of New York in 2014 was an eye opener for me and went through the whole plandemic here. I took a job part time in the New York State school system as a teaching assistant. I love kids and I seemed to fit in well and enjoyed seeing the little ones learn and grow, but when I saw what was happening as far as the woke agenda and the poor curriculum. I was shocked.  

During the Covid lie, I was told I needed to disclose my vaccine status or be tested every week. That was the last straw for me. Rather than a long-drawn-out detailed story the bottom line is I was fired for not complying.  

I was one of the lucky ones who could afford to do so. Enough was enough. It was the proudest moment and felt exhilarating. I stood up. I spoke out and still do.  

Since then, gardening, canning, and becoming a mini homesteader has become my passion. I look forward to sharing homegrown food with friends and family and keeping my family healthy.  

Yes, I woke up, fully awake during the fraudulent elections.I’ve written school boards, refused to comply (most recently in a hospital lol). So much has changed me for the better over the last 12 years.  

One of my most recent quests was to organize a neighborhood get together. In a time when we are all so separated, I felt the need to form our own neighborhood gatherings. We need to begin to talk to our neighbors first so we can accomplish bigger things a little at a time. Get off our computers, have real conversations.  

Yes, I am one of those who have lost friends and family because I don’t comply or follow the rules anymore. I speak the truth even those close to me didn’t want to hear the truths. I feel sometimes I do so little, but then I think it all has to start with each one of us a bit at a time.  

I grew up Catholic and ran far away from that as I could. I think I had an inner knowing about all that. I’ve learned there is higher power, and I believe I am a piece of that God. Yes. I, we, you are all part of the same thing. I find peace in the saying “let go let God.”  I find peace in others and hope to help others for eternity.    

Sharon Holden Corning,
New York

July – Month of the Family

A Warning to America

General Flynn joins Ninoscorner.tv once again with a dire warning to America.. WE MUST SAVE THIS COUNTRY OURSELVES. General Flynn discusses the tactics being used by globalists to further this 5th generational war on our youth here in America. If we do not turn our country around NOW, we both believe it will be too late for Gen Z and the generations that come after. We must all understand the urgency and take part at a grassroots level to make a difference.


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