Puritans Heard This Sermon About America While Crossing the Atlantic, But It’s Even More Important Today

General Flynn Western Journal Puritans Heard This Sermon By: Michael T Flynn   America’s singular function is to be as described deep in the Bible itself: a light for the world, a light that cannot be hidden.   My interpretation of the light is the truth, and I know from personal experience that truth cannot be hidden — it always rises to the surface. Although some may desire to keep falsehoods and lies alive, I firmly believe that the return to faith by many Americans today is further evidence of God’s divine Providence and his determination for America to be a light for the rest of the world.   What is America’s foundation? She was a new creation preordained by God yet made by man. Through prayer, toil, hardship, sacrifice, then resilience and determination, America was founded so future generations could shine, reflecting the greatness of him.   America was destined to be a truth, a light, a foundation for mankind to embrace. Through Providence, America’s foundation remains strong. It is “We the People,” in our human form that gives in, too easily at times, to the very weaknesses we tend to deny exist in our own lives. Remember, although America was divined by our Creator, our nation was made by man; therefore, it can be destroyed by man.   To most nations across the entire planet, America is seen as the last bastion of salvation — salvation not in the biblical sense but in a practical sense. I’ve stated on many occasions there is one thing far more important than personal freedom, and that is your personal faith in God. There is only one America, built on faith, faith in ourselves as individuals, faith in each other (especially our families), and faith in our communities and our country.   Today, with a scornful wonder, the world now sees us as oppressed. You say, “Really, America is an oppressed nation?” Once you start denying the very existence of truth, the necessity of accountability, then every decision we make will be without a firm foundation. I believe that is where we find ourselves today. We are an oppressed nation because of the denial of truth.   What next then? How much longer will this night of scorn last? When will the light of a new dawn break? What will it take to wake up the American giant slumbering restlessly on a foundation created by a set of values and principles that can only be measured by the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers who gave up everything for future generations? Is today’s generation of Americans capable of similar sacrifices?   I remain optimistic that America’s foundation remains solid. I also believe we are being tested by our Creator. Fairy dust will not be sprinkled on our heads and suddenly — poof — everything is made right. Many ask how long does the toil of war await the consummation of peace?   My call to action is twofold: First, stop complaining about your problems, and two, take action in your personal lives. I like the phrase “local action has a national impact.” There are many examples springing up all across America. This is what further strengthens the foundation as well as the structures of our city on the hill.   In 1630, John Winthrop delivered a sermon on board a ship hazarding an Atlantic Ocean crossing. The congregation comprised people seeking to discover a new world and a new life. They were sacrificing everything, leaving their former homeland for a variety of individual reasons, but principally due to political persecution for their Christian beliefs.   According to “The Puritans: A Sourcebook of Their Writings,” Winthrop “preached to the emigrants that the eyes of the world would be upon them, that they would be as a city set upon a hill for all to observe.” If these faithful principles were true from the very origins of America, then from the very beginning, America has played a role in setting the world right.   Yes, America does differ from the rest of the world. From the laying of the foundation to building out our “one nation under God,” America’s strength is in our people. The foundation is not stone, concrete, property or even wealth.   On that vessel were people of the least means and some of many, but all felt equal in the eyes of our Creator; all depended on each other during their journey; all knew that survival and longevity were based on the worthiness of each other’s talents and skills and blending them together not only to survive but to thrive.   America’s foundation reveals many things, but the most important is that “We the People” still represent those on that long journey seeking a better life. We the people are the ones in charge of our children, our homes, our communities, our health and yes, our destiny. We the people represent what remains good and decent in America, and we the people represent the bedrock of our foundation.   I’ll leave you with this: Silent and humble prayer is the most powerful weapon on earth. To achieve victory, which some have described as “sweet communion” with our Creator, we have to pray for strength, courage and conviction for ourselves and for each other.   However, regardless if we are meek and lowly or wealthy and prosperous, we owe allegiance to our Creator and what comes with allegiance is standing up after prayer and acting — acting in good faith for ourselves, our families, our communities and most especially, our nation. But our actions must be moral, ethical, legal and peaceful. Maintaining the moral high ground is the surest way to achieve victory.   America was and will forever be the example for the world to see of that shining city on the hill for all faithful, freedom-loving people to seek. While our foundation remains strong and our courage remains immeasurable, our clarion call must now be to stand and demand accountability.   We must demand accountability first from ourselves and then from our communities and our country, especially our elected officials. Are we the people ready to stand to answer the call? I for one believe we are. May God continue to shine his light on this “city on the hill” we call America.   Source: Western Journal 

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