Senate Armed Services Committee | We Have Forgotten How To Win Wars

DECEMBER 3rd, 2015

Chairman McCain, Senator Reed: Thank You For Inviting Me To Participate Alongside Other Great Patriots Of Our Country To Offer Some Thoughts About Defense Reform And Hope I Offer Thoughts Consistent With Many Other Themes You Have Heard From Previous Testimony As Well As A Few New Ideas.  In The Times We Face And Will Likely Face In This Very Complex And Unpredictable World, Addressing Defense Reform Is Probably The Single Biggest Strategic Issue We Must Deal With (And Deal With Immediately).  The Days Of Large Organizations Moving At The Speed Of An Elephant With Bulky, Expansive, Overly Bureaucratic Acquisition Programs, With Little Value To Our Warfighters And Even Less Value To Our National Security Are Forever Gone. Speed Is The New Big. Innovation Is The Norm, The Pace Of Change Is So Stunningly Fast, And The Defense Department (At Least Inside The Pentagon) Is Not Capable Of Meeting The Demands Of The Future Threats.

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