Nuclear-Level Threat Has Emerged | How Do We Counter It?

As conflicts shift from armies and soldiers on physical battlefields to the digital realm focused on the civilian populace within a target nation, AI-driven psychological programming has emerged as a potent weapon with the potential to inflict lasting damage on a nation, akin to the devastating effects of a nuclear bomb.

Explosive Truth About FBI Has Been Revealed in Durham Trial

The revelations of FBI malfeasance, egregious conduct and flagrant lies revealed over the last few days during the Durham trial expose the agency’s willingness to interfere and impede the will of the American people and the administration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Time for Governors to Take a Stand Against Biden

Last November, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin threatened National Guardsmen and reservists who refused the COVID-19 injection, declaring that they would not be eligible for federal training or pay.

Without Courage…We Stand to Lose Everything to Tyranny

General Flynn

By: Michael T Flynn What a remarkable time to be an American. This is not to say that other generations have not been called upon to defend the legacy of the blessings of liberty and self-governance our forefathers passed on to us; rather, it is our generation, at this very time, that will determine — […]

There’s a ‘Cold, Dark Monster’ Standing Before Americans

General Flynn Western Journal Op-Ed March 2022

By: Michael T Flynn In front of America stands a cold, dark and determined monster. This monster seeks to destroy this country. To those of us the monster fears and hates, it screams racist, conspirator, deplorable! It shouts at us, calling our passion and love for our country contemptible. But we will not be deterred. […]