The Greatest Country

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If you want to live in the greatest country on earth, then it’s time for you to do great things. 

Build back better is an international slogan developed by the world economic forum. Build back better, has to do with destroying the sovereignty and culture of all the nations around the world that still possess democracy, so that the globalist elite can then build back the world in their image.  

People often ask why the American government would assist in the country’s demise? The answer is, because the leftist globalists in charge right now simply don’t care about Americans. They don’t care about how you feel or what you believe unless you’re a part of their team.  All they know is that they are going to take control of our country and turn it into the USSA, the United Socialist States of America, and we are going to live under an umbrella of communism with American characteristics.  

In earnest, we are currently in the middle of WWIII. Take a look at the intentional allowance of this invasion at our border, the destruction of our culture and traditions, the growing wars, the cost of living, the crime on our streets, the military complex, the lawfare, the security state and the censorship state. The fabric of our constitution is being shredded by this coup with American characteristics.  

You can sense the magnitude that 2024 will leave on humanity and today’s opportunities may not again be realized in our lifetime. Your mindset should be ready for the battle we have in front of us, and we must progress with courage and clarity. Bad things are going to happen, but we won’t be judged by what happens, we’ll be judged by how we handle it.  

I understand that many of us are getting hit by life right now, but to be honest, our sacrifices are in their infancy.  Parents are attending public meetings with their young children pulling at their arms, hoping that public schools will focus more on education vs. social and emotional justice.  Grocery and gas bills are becoming overwhelming, and our streets are becoming less and less safe to walk on alone. I understand life is much more difficult today than it may have been 4 years ago, but Americans are getting tougher than they may have been 4 years ago as well.   

Active patriots will look back on these days with no regrets, knowing that they spoke up for what they believed to be right, and their children will grow to do the same.  

It’s okay to get uncomfortable. Courage is a decision and for some, it’s similar to a muscle that must be flexed to grow stronger. In time practice will build perfection and certain individuals will eventually awaken to their power.  We are on a battlefield, and we all must continually adapt.  

Local action can make a national impact, so please get involved. Election season has begun, so choose a candidate to support and start making a difference. Research a book to read and share, an organization that’s making a difference or a podcaster you can stand behind. If you can’t find a team to support in your community, then take the lead and start your own group. Knocking on the doors of neighbors can be a great start in building community outreach and involvement. 

Our country is getting desperate for leaders, and America needs us to quickly grow into the best versions of ourselves. Emerge from this crisis and evolve into someone you weren’t 4 years ago, because freedom can’t afford for you to sit this one out.  

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