The Journey Has Just Begun

General Flynn

A new America is on the horizon, and we must take an active role in its formation. There is no going back to when times seemed simpler, there is only a future waiting to be determined. As the world transforms, so must we.

Moving toward 2024, attention must be given to actively navigate impending sacrifices. There is hope of a better time, but it will not come without sacrifice, and we must give careful thought to the activities taking our valuable time and resources. 

As citizens get more actively involved in the leadership of their community, it is also important to stay connected to your children and family. One of the biggest problems we have in the United States is the breakdown of the family. The family structure provides strength to the fabric of our society and if you have a healthy society, you can most likely fight off the ills of communism.

As our country transitions, clench to your roots, as you’ll need them to continue to grow. Many of us are in this battle for our future generations and our loved ones, so recognize the importance of pausing for a breath and staying joined with those who you are fighting for. 

Independent citizen journalists are gaining momentum through every type of community, with a renowned sense of passion for the truth. There are “breaking stories”, every 20 minutes, and we must be prepared for the future, yet stay steady in our goals. Staying up to date on various social media platform’s trending stories should not take precedence over time with family or with your faith. 

Choose your battles wisely and don’t forget about those who are closest to you.

In these times of immense change, those who stay focused and strong are presented with great opportunities.

Remember that only 2% of the passionate will defeat 98% of the indifferent 100% of the time. Let’s be part of the passionate few who take time to stand up, step up and speak up. God Bless America!

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General Flynn
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