The Soul of a Nation


The Soul of a nation

I travel across this country to amplify the voices of local communities making a difference. My intention is to bring them support and attention, as well as my gratitude.  In return these community leaders give me hope, and that’s something I want to share. 

I’ve visited six states over the past two weeks, and there is a love and a spirit awakening in the American populace.  There is a growing level of love for each other and for this country with all the freedoms it offers. The realization of the American dream being in jeopardy has caused many to recall its value. 

Our enemies may have money, power, and established politicians on their side, but we the people have passion and perseverance on our side.  And when it comes to a battle for the soul of a nation, I will bet on those who fight with passion, every time. The soul of America knows right from wrong, because our nation was built on Judeo Christian values. We know that freedom is worth a fight, and that instinct within Americans will not easily be crushed. We are a nation of courage when we’re tested, and all we need to do to save the United States is to do what’s right.

I have participated in over twenty ReAwaken America tours across the nation. The initial purpose of this national tour was to thank patriots for getting involved, and to wake up those who know something is wrong but can’t pinpoint what it is. However, an overwhelming effect from these events has morphed into more than an awakening of the American citizenry. These events have become a home for strong like-minded community leaders to gather and realize that they are not alone. 

Each day you take a stand and speak up for the truth, remember that there are millions around the world standing with you. Countries around the globe understand that if freedom falls in the United States, there is little chance of its revival. Americans are not alone in their desire for individual rights, we are backed by global forces for good. 

The emergence of Podcasters intimidates the mainstream media. The crowds of parents pushing back at school boards has led to a rise in homeschooling.  And the success of grassroot organizations getting local community leaders elected strikes terror in to established politicians. 

Keep it up! As we the people find our voices, the pressure to silence us will only increase, but we are ready. I believe we will succeed in preserving our constitutional republic because we are fighting with our hearts. We stand unwavering for our future generations, and that is why I remain hopeful and fearless. 

Now strap up your boots and get back to it, we have a nation to save! 

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