The War on Israel

General FLynn

Are we Moving Toward WWIII?

Nothing is coincidental when it comes to those trying to destroy America

You will hear that the recent $6B sent to Iran was to address humanitarian issues. That is an utter LIE! Iran will spend that money however Iran wants to spend it (PERIOD!). They will spend it on destroying those enemies they perceive as threats — especially America, who Iran perceives as, “The Great Satan”, along with Israel, who Iran has emphatically stated they will wipe off the face of the earth.

Either we have idiots running our foreign policy, or we have leaders who knowingly funded a country that hates America. To add salt to wound, keep in mind that Hezbollah and Hamas are already among the largest terrorist organizations inside of the United States.

This failure is on a scale not seen since 9-11 or even the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan that led us into WWII. The Hamas surprise attack into Israel is massive and while the war continues to be waged, quick accountability needs to occur. If people need to be fired for their incompetence, so be it!

The initial invasion was conducted by ground, air, sea and cyber. It was well led, tightly coordinated, and masterfully timed in order to gain huge tactical and strategic advantage. With so many hostages, Hamas still holds an advantage and tough decisions in the days ahead by the Government of Israel’s leaders must be made. The costs of war are monumental, the costs of losing a war are historic.

An immediate question that must be addressed while simultaneously fighting this brutal war is:

How did our US Intelligence Community not know about these attacks before they happened? There is simply NO EXCUSE! With all the major military commands focused on this vital national security interest and ally, Israel, this is inexcusable.

If I were Netanyahu, I would increase my security. Israelis have a problem inside of their own team. There is a very disturbing leftist element growing in Israel just like here in America. Foreign policy hawks in the Netanyahu administration understand this. The leftist Israeli elite is anti-West, meaning anti-American. They believe they can get along with elements like Hamas and those in Arab nations whom they deem reasonable (and globalist).

The globalists are working overtime to destroy the current order of the world and they have no concern for those who get caught up in their destruction. Take their words and actions very seriously and be prepared for what could come right here in America.

From 9-11 to this recent failure, we continue to throw away money on failure instead of putting it toward success. I’ve said many times, we get an “A” for participation in endless wars with no chance of victory and no clearly stated objectives. But we get an “F” for winning or accomplishing anything except increasing the profits for the military industrial and security state complexes and their corporate leaders and government benefactors.

For instance, after 20 years in Afghanistan, our departing was a debacle of epic proportions with images of humans hanging off planes and literally falling from the sky. And more recently, it has become clear that the situation in Ukraine has become a bottomless money pit where leaders have taken government criminalization to new levels. Our government is currently funding a war in Ukraine, which doesn’t even have a clearly stated objective or plan!

The lack of leadership in our White House causes the levels of global uncertainty to increase. These times are a consequence of stolen, rigged or unfair elections. Apathy, complacency and a disengaged citizenry has led to a seriously corrupt government (top to bottom).

We are watching our very own US border invasion by Mexican drug cartels working in cooperation with both the CCP (China) and organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Iranian surrogates. This is resulting in American deaths in excess of 100K killed and tens of thousands more wounded by the epidemic of fentanyl and other deadly street violence.

These and many other conditions of weakness offer an advantage to our enemies that we must understand, accept, and then overcome (and quickly). America will be the ultimate loser while China only gets stronger.

Israel does not have the full capability of resources to be able to handle what is being formed to destroy them. They have the capabilities to handle Hamas and the Gaza strip, but not Iran. Israel’s ultimate goal is the survival of the State of Israel and they will use every capability that they have to survive.

Keep in mind that the costs of war have grave consequences but the costs of losing a war have historic consequences. We’re now feeling these historic consequences after two decades of losing wars in the Middle East.

I’ve called for people to get involved in your local communities (LOCAL ACTION = NATIONAL IMPACT). This call to action includes local leaders, as well as Congress, the time to act is now! If you feel overwhelmed with what is happening globally, now is NOT the time to “hide.” Now is the time to step up and speak up in your communities, at your churches, to your local representatives, your school boards, your town and city councils, even zoning boards…for God sakes, GET INVOLVED!

Please keep the children, women, elderly, and each victim who has been ripped from their lives in your prayers.

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Dear Patriot:

The Biden Family knows no shame.  While the Chinese Communist Party steals our trade secrets, spies on Americans and hacks into our Military, the Biden Family partners with them shoving millions of dollars into their own pockets.

No America-hating communist is unsuitable in the Biden Family corruption enterprise.  The Biden Family has used over 20 shell companies to hide their dirty money from their communist friends.  Over $20 Million dollars has been stuffed into the Biden Family coffers.

Joe Biden lied about his family’s activities and about the intricate role he played.

“10 Percent to the Big Guy”

The House of Representatives has begun the Impeachment Process as laid out in our Constitution.  It is critical that we let them know the American people stand with them and demand justice.

Please fill out the form below and add your name.  

Please also consider forwarding this email to your friends and family and ask them to stand with us as well.

America is worth fighting for! Local Action = National Impact

Michael T. Flynn, LTG, USA (Retired)

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