Trends in Militancy Across South Asia: A Region on the Brink

South Asia is fast approaching a period of profound change and potential upheaval. Troop withdrawals, pivotal elections, and domestic political strife highlight concerns over regional stability. Amidst these looming shifts, militant organizations are altering and adapting their behavior, relationships, and tactics, with potentially significant consequences for the region. High-profile anti-Shia violence in Pakistan is but one of these frightening developments. It remains to be seen if the U.S.-led redeployment from Afghanistan will be viewed as a “defeat” by militant groups in South Asia, and if so, to what effect. To explore the trends in South Asian militancy, their potential impacts, and possible responses to them, please join CSIS on Tuesday, April 16th for the release of “Trends in Militancy across South Asia: A Region on the Brink,” featuring an on-the-record discussion with report authors, and topical and regional experts.

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