Registered Voters Are Lazy

General Flynn

This coming presidential election will be the most historically consequential presidential election that the United States has ever held.

Voting is a privilege and a right that millions have sacrificed their lives for, yet, too often, many citizens refuse to get out and vote. In 2020, what was clearly an unfairly and poorly executed presidential election, the nationwide voter turnout was only 67 percent. What this means is that a third of people registered and able to vote, decided not to vote! Then in 2022, a non-presidential voting year, the turnout was only 46 percent. 

Obviously, millions of registered voters across America are complacent and disinterested in who is running their communities, and our country. This apathetic behavior must end, otherwise we will lose our country to the clutches of tyranny and tyrannical leaders who believe America needs to fall under this notion of a “One-World Government.” 

During this past NOV, 2023 election, I paid close attention to Kentucky’s governor race. Governors very much matter, and their power is not to be underestimated. The Republican candidate, Danny Cameron, was up 17 points the day prior to the election but ended up losing even though republicans won key down-ballot Republican ticket races.  

The RNC quickly reported on how the abortion issue caused election day losses, but that’s not the entire truth. I don’t believe gubernational races are swayed on single issues. For the executive leadership position that a governor represents, voters want leaders. Was Cameron not a strong enough leader? 

In any case, Kentucky’s overall turnout was an abysmal 38 percent, during an election where all the state’s leadership was to be decided. Within the two major cities of Louisville and Lexington, the Democratic voter turnout was 71 percent. The voter turnout for Republicans was only around 35 percent. This highlights to me a lazy and uninformed citizenry when it comes to voting, as well as appalling Republican assistance from the RNC and from the Kentucky Republican Party leadership. This is simply pathetic and unacceptable when it comes to doing their jobs, especially when our nation is in such peril.  

I read a piece many years ago on why people vote for presidents, and it stuck with me. People choose who they want to be President of the United States based on leadership, even more so than on party affiliation. There are people who will only vote in presidential elections, and they’ll only vote for president. They decide who they believe will make the best leader for the nation and that’s how they vote. That is fine if the turnout is 100 percent. And I do believe the American people have enough common sense to vote for the leader who will best serve all the people and serve in the best interests of the country and not for themselves.  

However, citizen participation in our republic is now a necessity if we stand any chance of keeping America a free country, one we can all believe in, be proud of and love. We remain an experiment in democracy, but it doesn’t look promising when citizens start ignoring the importance of their voice and active participation. 

In non-presidential years, the average voter turnout is somewhere between 35 percent and 38 percent nationwide. One of the highest voter turnouts our country has ever experienced was the 2020 presidential election. It was 69 percent, which still earns our Nation the grade of a D! That means that about 30 percent of registered voters who can vote, did not vote. They didn’t show up for the election of the President of the United States of America. If you fall into this category, you should be ashamed of yourself.  

Political party leaders, national to local, have few responsibilities, but two key ones are registering voters and getting them out to vote. The Republican Party’s leadership is failing, and we the people need to pick up the slack. Lastly, if you don’t vote, don’t complain, at least not to me. Get out to vote next time and take another registered voter with you. Otherwise, we face losing our nation to the throes of the globalists. 

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