Senate Armed Services Committee | We Have Forgotten How To Win Wars

SENATE ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE DECEMBER 3rd, 2015 LTG (RETIRED) MICHAEL T. FLYNN Chairman McCain, Senator Reed: Thank You For Inviting Me To Participate Alongside Other Great Patriots Of Our Country To Offer Some Thoughts About Defense Reform And Hope I Offer Thoughts Consistent With Many Other Themes You Have Heard From Previous Testimony As Well […]

Joint Foreign Affairs and HASC: Flynn Testimony on Iran

General Flynn Western Journal Biden Pushes Founders America

Joint Foreign Affairs and HASC Subcommittees Michael T. Flynn Lieutenant General, USA (Retired) Testimony on Iran Chairman Ros-Lehtinen and Ranking Member Deutch, members of the Joint Committee, thank you for the opportunity to present my views on Iran’s missile capabilities and how they impact regional as well as global issues now and in the future, […]

Brookings Institute: A New Model For Intelligence

On November 20, the Intelligence Project at Brookings and the National Intelligence University co-hosted a discussion with Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), to examine this uncertain future, DIA’s role in this complex security environment and a new model for defense intelligence that ensures preparedness to address these challenges and the […]

Trends in Militancy Across South Asia: A Region on the Brink


South Asia is fast approaching a period of profound change and potential upheaval. Troop withdrawals, pivotal elections, and domestic political strife highlight concerns over regional stability. Amidst these looming shifts, militant organizations are altering and adapting their behavior, relationships, and tactics, with potentially significant consequences for the region. High-profile anti-Shia violence in Pakistan is but […]